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What type of events is EVG interested in?

At EVG, we maintain an inclusive approach to event investment, welcoming opportunities across all event categories and types. From industry events to entertainment, music festivals to sports, and specialized gatherings such as medical, academic, and technology conferences - we're interested in them all. Our portfolio encompasses a diverse range of event formats, including conferences, trade shows, conventions, seminars, workshops, product launches, virtual fairs, and more. Our broad scope ensures that we remain open to exploring innovative and impactful opportunities in the dynamic events industry landscape.

What stage is EVG most interested in?

We educate our members about early stage events (pre launch to year III) ranging from $3 to $5M in revenue.

What criteria does EVG look for in potential Event opportunities?

At EVG, we prioritize several key criteria when evaluating opportunities for our members. Chief among these is the quality of the founding team - we place a strong emphasis on partnering with driven and capable founders who demonstrate a clear vision for success. Additionally, we seek out opportunities with significant Total Addressable Market (TAM) potential, targeting industries that are currently underserved. Our thesis revolves around identifying and supporting disruptive innovations that have the potential to make a significant impact within their respective markets. By focusing on these criteria, we strive to build a portfolio of high-potential ventures poised for long-term success and growth.

How does EVG support portfolio companies beyond providing financial investment?

EVG members have been all strategic and seasoned event curators, operators and investors. We did it before. We can add value beyond granting access to capital in every single aspect (sales, operations, marketing, admin, content, connections, etc.). Our investment point starts from $200,000 to millions depending on each opportunity.

How can entrepreneurs apply for funding from EVG?

Entrepreneurs can apply for funding from EVG through our website contact form. The process is designed to be straightforward and transparent, divided into the following key steps: application, screening and presentation to the Board, term sheet aligment, fundraising stage and handholding and guidance throughout your event acceleration till liquidation event. This comprehensive process ensures that entrepreneurs receive the support and resources they need at every stage of their journey, from initial application to successful fundraising taking their venture to new heights.

What is the typical timeline for receiving funding after applying?

After your application, our Board will review the opportunity and connect with you in less than two weeks. If you are a potential fit for our group our MD will guide you through our funding process and timeline which should take longer than 45 days.

Why should I pick EVG?

Entrepreneurs should reach out to EVG for unparalleled access to seasoned members who offer invaluable advice, connections, and resources. By tapping into our network, entrepreneurs can accelerate their path to success, avoiding common pitfalls and maximizing opportunities. Our collective expertise and collaborative approach ensure that each entrepreneur receives personalized support and guidance throughout the journey till liquidation event. 

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