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Greg Topalian

The Portfolio Sage

Everyone involved in EVG has spent a lifetime creating events and fully understands what it takes to be successful. Financial support is critical but having a team of seasoned experts in your corner will make all the difference.

I launched New York Comic in 2006 while I was at Reed Expo. Almost no one thought it was a good idea from the industry to my own company. The confidence to launch came from the fans who wanted to see the event happen. That forever changed the way I look at ideas. Who is this for and how much do they want it.

Greg's Story

Greg Topalian is Chairman of Clarion Events North America. With over 25 years of experience in exhibition and enthusiast events, Greg brings an entrepreneurial approach to building the North American business across a wide variety of sectors.


Greg was with Reed Exhibitions for 17 years, creating the ReedPop division, which launched NY Comic Con in 2006 followed by a series of fan-based consumer events. After leaving Reed, he founded LeftField Media, a boutique events company focused on developing experiential events rooted in contemporary culture and shared passion.


In 2016 Clarion acquired LeftField, and in 2017 Greg was named CEO of Clarion Events North America. As CEO of Clarion for the past 5 years, he has accelerated the North American portfolio by focusing on strategic acquisitions for both B2B/B2C Events, New Launches, Media, Digital Products and Learning Management. Some of the market leading events Clarion acquired during Greg’s leadership include FDIC, DISTRIBUTECH, InsureTech Connect and Mobile Apps Unlocked. In addition, the LeftField Media portfolio includes Anime NYC, AwesomeCon, Anime Frontier and Rose City Comicon.


Greg is an active participant in the event industry as a whole and is a former Chairman of the SISO (Society of Independent Show Organizers) Executive Board. Greg is active in youth baseball and still plays in a 40+ league. He also has four dogs and is an active foster for rescue dogs.

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