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The Zuck of Events

For the first time, we are unlocking one of the best performing asset classes that has largely been overlooked and/or unavailable to earlier stage investors. We are excited to expose these opportunities to investors while also helping accelerate development in one of the most enduring and essential activities for industry development.

There are not many businesses that have the ability to change people, companies, and even industries, but great events do that. They are a place to come not just to get deals done, not just to learn, but to find one's tribe. This makes them personal and incredibly sticky. They both temporal real estate and a recurring revenue business.

Jay's Story

Jay Weintraub is the CEO of Connectiv Holdings, the events studio and holding company behind Blueprint, Manifest, and Medicarians. To date, Jay and his team have created and sold four events - LeadsCon, Mobile Apps Unlocked, HR Transform, and InsureTech Connect.


Prior to becoming an event entrepreneur, Jay spent eight years in the internet advertising space. Jay is an investor in more than 50 startups and has been an advisor to more than a dozen companies. He is equally passionate about technology's role on the future of events, which is why Connectiv Holdings also includes, their proprietary event technology business. Jay is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. He is based in NYC with his wife, two children, and their fur baby, Loopy.

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